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                                       6.   SA Tech Startup Partners With
                                            French Development Agency

                                       10.  Government Should
                                            Encourage The Use Of
                                            Locally Produced Materials

                                       18.  The Ripple Effect – How water
                                            scarcity and climate change
                                            are changing the way we think
                                            of water

                                       20.   Healthy Alternative To Credit


                                       26.  DIY & SOFT  FINISHES

                                       32.  Do Your Customers Look
                                          For Seed? Want To Grow
                                          Their Own?

                                       48.  The Cocoon Expands On
                                          Willowlamp’s Love Affair With

                                       64.  LOCKS & SECURITY

                                       66.  A New Era For The
                                          Ironmongery Industry

                                       74.  Optimal Security With

                                       76.  TOOLS & ACCESSORIES

                                       78.  The Perfect Tool For
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                                        90.   Labour Law Update
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