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                Ensure your supply chain is

                     ready for the peak season

                    Although its uncertain what sales this peak season will bring, retailers are
                    gearing up to participate in upcoming events, such as Black Friday on the
                      27th November, Christmas, followed by back-to-school in the new year.

              t’s not just anticipating stock   as labels and ribbons to mark all   scanners, accessories, barcode and
              levels, but also ensuring that   the products,” he advised. During   mobile printers, RFID equipment,
              the supply chain is ready to   COVID-19, there has been an       labels and ribbons, as well as
              fulfil consumer demands in    uptake of Bidvest Mobility’s Asset   ensuring immediate access to
          Ibrick ‘n mortar and online       Control software, which manages all   support and repair facilities.
          stores. Bidvest Mobility is working   mobile devices and accessories in   Complementary to this is the
          closely with its customers around   an operation as items are issued to   management and cleaning of these
          the country to ensure that they have   a specific user in order to create a   mission-critical assets.”
          the necessary mobile computing    chain of custody to track and trace
          and barcoding technology in place   devices in real-time.            For more information https://www.
          to support their supply chains.                            
                                            This can include barcode scanners,   peak-season/
          The advent of COVID-19 has made   mobile computers, label and
          predictions and processes more    barcode printers, headsets and
          complex, as the supply chain has   other accessories and devices.
          had to gear up for a large increase   Grisdale said that a new cleaning
          in online sales, as well as ensuring   module has been added to the      “it’s important to
          a contactless and safe experience   software solution to ensure the
          for both staff and customers.     traceability of the cleaning of all    have a checklist
                                            mobile devices as they are used
          According to Simon Grisdale,      by different operators during shifts,   and processes in
          Managing Executive at Bidvest     especially important during COVID.
          Mobility, mobile computing and                                           place to prepare
          barcoding devices play a key role in   “To summarize,” he concluded,         for a peak
          the smooth operation in each stage   “it’s important to have a checklist
          of the supply chain. “The first step   and processes in place to prepare   season event
          is to ensure that all equipment is   for a peak season event. This
          operational and there are sufficient   includes checking on the status
          stock levels of media supplies, such   of mobile computers, barcode
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