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                                        In This Issue

                                       6.   SA Brand Sanitouch Gets
                                            European Union Seal Of

                                       14.  Optimal Security With

                                       18.  EM Launches DEHNcord,
                                            DEHNguard Basic Surge
                                            Protection Devices

                                       24.   Black Friday 2020 Spend
                                            Dropped By -52%

                                       30.   This Year’s Builders’ Holiday
                                            Will Only Be A Couple Of Days


                                       34.  HOME DÉCOR DIY

                                       36.  Top Five Tips And Trends For
                                          A Beautiful Bathroom In 2021

                                       62.  Latest Renovating Trends And
                                          Tips For 2020

                                       70.  GARDEN AND OUTDOOR

                                       72.  Herbaceous Garden During
                                          The Hot Months

                                       78.  December In The Garden

                                       82. HAND AND POWER TOOLS

   The Hardware Retailer is a monthly digital demand   84.  GROZ – Precision Measuring
   publication, published by Bathic Holdings, aimed at
   the hardware industry. It succeeds in keeping readers   Tools: Squares, Callipers &
   informed about new products, range extensions   Dividers
   packaging changes and techniques designed to move
   products quickly and increase profitability.
                                       88.  Stanley Black & Decker
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                                        92.   Labour Law Update
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