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                                            SA Media &

                                            Digital Holdings

                                            ABC membership statement

                                            applicable to the digital space. It   has allowed us to actively keep
                                            is with this in mind that SA Media   track of, and accurately report
                                            & Digital Holdings has decided to   on our circulation numbers to
               SA Media & Digital Holdings   withdraw its ABC membership.      our customers,” says Bateman.
                 CEO Shaun Bateman                                             “It has also allowed us to study
                                            According to SA Media & Digital    and interpret our circulation data,
              n a bygone era where print    Holdings CEO Shaun Bateman,        enabling us to refine and further
              publications dominated        the company remains committed      grow our digital footprint, identifying
              the media landscape, ABC      to accurate and transparent        and rectifying shortcomings along
              (Audit Bureau of Circulation)   reporting of its circulation figures,   the way.
          Iaccreditation was the gold       as circulation remains the one of
          standard according to which all   the most relevant and important    “We believe that our continuous
          publications of substance were    measurements of a media            digital self-analysation is, at
          measured.                         company’s relevance within the     this point, more valuable to our
                                            markets that it serves.            company and our customers than
          Unfortunately, modern technology                                     ABC accreditation.
          has rendered the Bureau largely   But, in a digital world, circulation
          irrelevant, with media companies   alone does not a successful and   The extent of the data provided
          now able to accurately and        relevant magazine make. Digital    by our digital analytic processes
          independently monitor and report   analytics makes it possible for   allow us to streamline and focus
          on their own circulation figures.   media companies to ensure they   our publications within the different
                                            reach their intended target market   markets that we serve on an
          In a country where everything     much more efficiently than ever    ongoing basis to the optimal benefit
          that is worth regulating is likely   before. “Modern technology      of our customers,” he concludes.
          to be over-regulated, there is no
          doubt that at some point a similar
          accreditation or regulation will
          emerge, which will more
          specifically be aimed at the digital
          media industry. What form such
          regulation will take remains to be
          seen. An outdated metric, largely
          applied to print publications to
          report their circulation figures,
          is in a modern world simply not
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